Advisory Board

Ms. Ha-Thuy Phan

Ms. Ha-Thuy Phan is the CEO of the Vinschool Education System. Under her leadership, Vinschool has become the largest education system in Vietnam with 50 campuses nationwide and has taken on a pioneer position in reforming education in Vietnam.

In 2022, with the mission to integrate elite models of global education into Vietnam, Ms. Ha-Thuy Phan once again impacted the Vietnamese education system by bringing Brighton College to Vietnam. Her contribution to the Vietnamese education system has proven that she is one of the key figures in this sector.

Ms. Ha-Thuy Phan received her Bachelor degree at Hue University of Education and Masters at the University of Sheffield (UK). With more than 30 years working in the education sector, Ms. Ha-Thuy Phan is experienced in teaching, building, and managing different levels, from kindergarten to high school, in the Vietnamese education system.