Ten key action programmes of Vingroup’s "For Green Future" Foundation

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HCMC – On 19th August 2023, the “For Green Future” Foundation – Vingroup announced ten key action programmes that will be implemented nationwide with the aim to achieve zero-emissions by 2050. The Foundation also signed an exclusive agreement to sponsor six billion VND for planting 30,000 trees in the Can Gio forest together with the Communication Center of Natural Resources and Environment (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment) and Green Journey Social Enterprise Joint Stock Company.

Established on 7th July 2023, the “For Green Future” Foundation holds a steadfast commitment to aid the Vietnamese government’s goal of achieving zero-emissions by 2050. By promoting sustainable practices in society and raising community awareness on taking green actions, the Foundation aim to pave the way towards a greener tomorrow for future generations.

To initiate this objective, the “For Green Future” Foundation will implement ten key action programs nationwide that targets essential aspects of life: (1) Green mobility, (2) Green energy, (3) Green office, (4) Green consumption, (5) Green environment, (6) Green urban areas, (7) Green tourism, (8) Green education, (9) Green healthcare, and (10) Green sports.

The ten key action programs, which was announced on 19th August 2023, will be first implemented in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam, and then gradually expand to other provinces and cities across the country with different activities to aid the region’s specific needs.

For HCMC, the message is: “HCMC – The pioneer in the transformation for a greener future.” The kick-off activity was a public speaking contest with the theme: “Technology for a Green World,” which belonged to “Green education” – one of the Foundation’s ten key action programmes. Following this activity will be projects to encourage people to prioritize the use of eco-friendly means of transportation by the “Green mobility” programme.

Within the framework of the event, the “For Green Future” Foundation also signed an agreement and launched the action program called “For a Green Vietnam” with the Communication Center for Natural Resources and Environment (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment) and Green Journey Social Enterprise Joint Stock Company.

The agreement between these parties aims to improve the quality of life for people and promote sustainable practices in society, economics, and environment for future generations. The ultimate goal is to raise community awareness on the green lifestyle in order to achieve the Vietnamese of government’s target of zero-emissions by 2050.

Apart from collaborating with major enterprises, the “For Green Future” Foundation is going to be implementing these action programmes to other local communities. As mentioned above, in Ho Chi Minh City, the Foundation has committed to sponsoring the planting of 30,000 trees in Can Gio – a World Biosphere Reserve in Vietnam recognized by UNESCO. The programme is expected to plant different types of trees, including Bruguiera gymnorrhiza, tall-stilt mangrove (Rhizophora apiculata), and mangrove apple (Sonneratia caseolaris), which is estimated to cost around of six billion VND.

Previously, the “For Green Future” Foundation also launched different programmes in other cities, such as Hanoi, Khanh Hoa, and Can Tho to enhance their quality of life and “green” index. Specifically, in Can Tho, the campaign “Join hands to pick up trash in the river” was launched by the Found and has collected more than 10 tonnes of waste, which worths more than 200 million VND.

Only one month after the launch, many green activities initiated by the Foundation have received positive results. For instance, VinBus has contributed to reducing more than 23 million kg of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere with their travelling distance reaching nearly 26 million km – this is equivalent to planting more than one million trees. The virtual marathon, “Education for a green future”, organized by the Foundation and LightenUp attracted nearly 1.000 teachers to fund and support the installment of systems for clean water and repair of toilets for six selected schools. Moreover, the Foundation has gained nearly four billion VND from 500.000 customers that use VinFast and Green-Smart-Mobility (GSM) products or services.

With the official announcement for the ten key action programmes of “For Green Future” Foundation, these upcoming activities by the Foundation will be implemented consistently to enhance the essential aspects of life, to promote and encourage sustainable practices in order to strive for a greener future for all.