Advisory Board

Dr. Morgan Carroll

Dr. Morgan Carroll currently serves as the Director of Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) at Vingroup and VinFast. He is responsible for developing and implementing global ESG strategies in Vingroup and VinFast to enhance the business sustainability culture.

With his expertise in the fields of Business and Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality (SHEQ), Dr. Morgan Carroll has gained experience working with major mining corporations, such as Barrick Gold, Anglo Ashanti, Placer Dome, Baker Hughes/Western Geophysical. He has also worked in the hospitality and real estate industries in key positions. During his tenure at these companies, Dr. Carroll held strategic positions, including Acting Operational Director and Chairman. He has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Cape Town and a Ph.D. in Business from Harris University.  As an avid Philanthropist he contributed funding and assisted in humanitarian aid throughout Africa, working with St John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta, receiving a nomination for Knighthood, partaking in various medical support programs with International SOS, as well as working in collaboration with Medical Rescue International providing medical support in Angola focusing on post-war conflict famine and rehabilitation programs; supported campaigns with the African Medical Research Foundation for health work in Southern Africa Countries. Additionally, he is a credible reference in the field of numismatics.